Send issue reports to help us improve Lima (Computer)

Issue and crash reports help us make improvements to Lima. Crash reports often include data such as stack traces, type of crash, and version of software. This information helps software developers to diagnose and fix the underlying problem causing the crash.

How to report an issue?

Tap on the Lima icon in your taskbar, then click on ‘Report a bug / Send Feedback’.

First thing to do is to define what you want to do. You have 4 different options here, do you want to:

  • Share an idea?
  • Report a problem?
  • Ask a question?
  • Say thanks?

As you type, the Feedback Centre will automatically look for similar registered feedback and offer you existing options. That way, if someone has already created the adequate topic, you don’t have to create a new one and you can follow the existing one right away.

Creating a topic

Nothing on the list fits your question/problem? No problem: you can create a new topic, and attach a document or screenshot to it. Explain what’s happening, then choose a category to organize your idea/problem/question. It will then show on the Feedback Centre main page.

Follow the progress on each topic

Each topic has a specific status, depending on where we are on the issue.

If you post an IDEA, the status can go from: new (default setting to start) / declined / gathering feedback / under consideration / completed

If you post a PROBLEM, the status can go from: new (default setting to start) / known / not a problem / user specific / upcoming fix / solved

If you ask a QUESTION, the status will go from: need answer (default setting to start) / answered (either by the Lima Community or by our Team)

If you say thanks, well, you’re welcome :)

This way, you can follow the progress of each topic and be aware of all the steps. The Lima Feedback Centre will be continuously updated.

Please note: Lima employees can post responses to product suggestions, but we cannot comment on future product plans or features. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the Lima Community. We really value your feedback.

Vote to be notified when there’s something new

You can vote for ideas, problems and questions. That way, you will be notified right away by email when the topic is answered.


Describing your issue

The issue description is very important for us. It allows you to state the exact set of conditions that causes a problem and the resultant undesirable state of the system. Your issue should reflect the:

  • repeatability of the problem: whether it is easy to repeat or happens randomly
  • steps to repeat: what you think caused the problem, ideally these steps should be repeated until they are as simple as possible and still cause the problem
  • desired outcome of the steps: that is, what you WANT to have happen
  • actual outcome of your steps: this is the essence of your problem

Please try to be as specific as possible to help us solve your issue quickly.

What information is sent in a diagnostic report?

From the Lima menu on your desktop you can also choose to send us a diagnostic report.

You'll also get an ID for your report. We invite you to share it with the Support Team when contacting them.

Diagnostic reports only include technical information to help Lima developers determine what went wrong, and how to fix it. These reports do not include personal information. The information sent in a report includes:

  • your device profile (computer name, operating system, CPU, hardware model, RAM size)
  • version of Lima application you were using
  • installed Lima components
  • Lima file system’s commands logs (your files details aren’t included).
  • Lima network system’s commands logs
  • .crash file(s) including executable module crashed, timestamp and backtrace
  • and more technical info.

Your device profile will help us to assign your report to the right developer (we currently have a specialized developer per platform).

Thanks to the backtrace, we can easily identify a recurrent issue, a new bug or a problem being solved.

This information is subject to the Lima Privacy Policy.

Thank you for helping us to improve Lima!


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