What should I do if my Lima device is connected through relay?

We developed a peer-to-peer decentralized VPN so that all your devices are able to talk with each other. It exists several way to go through a router we implemented in our technology ZVPN.

You can find more information on this article: https://support.meetlima.com/hc/en-us/articles/204320079-How-does-Lima-use-P2P-to-enable-my-devices-to-communicate-with-each-other-.

In some case where our technology cannot find a way to talk in peer-to-peer, we redirect the encrypted transfer through relay servers. This is something we do for free to make your experience as good as possible in any situation.

However, when your Lima is in relay-mode, accessing your files might be slower. You can improve this by following the steps on this page.

NB: performances are still at their best, relay or not, when your devices are on the same LAN than Lima.

#1 Enable (UPnP IGD or NAT-PMP) on your Internet router

Nearly all Internet routers support some kind of automatic port mapping protocol, such as UPnP IGD or NAT-PMP. These standard protocols make it possible for applications and devices to become visible and reachable from the Internet. They are widely used by many applications (IP telephony, videogames, file sharing) and Internet-of-Things devices. Lima will use these protocols as well if they are available.

You can make sure automatic port mapping is enabled through the Web interface of your router. Once enabled, Lima devices will no longer stay in "relay" mode, although it may take several minutes for the change to be effective.

If you do not know if your router supports automatic port mapping, please contact your Internet provider which should be able to help you. A search on your favorite web search engine might help too.

#2 Redirect manually the TCP port 25211

You can configure your router to automatically redirect TCP port 25211 to your Lima device. You can identify a Lima device by its MAC address (it must start with '80:0E:24').

If you own multiple Lima devices, you may use any port between 25211 and 25215. For example, redirect port 25211 to your first Lima device and port 25212 to the second one. The Lima devices will automatically detect the redirection although it may take 5 to 10 minutes.


#3 Other tips

While transferring your data from your smartphone to your Lima, we recommend to keep your Lima app open in the foreground, to unlock the "auto-lock" feature of your smartphone, and to put your smartphone on charge.

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